The Elite Program

As the level of athletic performance continues to rise, injuries are inevitable in the sports industry. Athletes require an advanced level of care to optimize and maintain their performance, and to limit the recovery time when injuries do occur. Our Elite program allows us to give our athletes the leading edge from a preventative advantage, maintenance programs for issues associated with chronic conditions, to accelerating the recovery process faster than traditional rehabilitation programs. We utilize proven technology in conjunction with performance, training, and recovery techniques that provide our athletes the highest level of care for all aspects of their game. Athletes have a vested interest in peak performance, maintaining maximum performance, and extending the life of their career. We understand sport and position specific requirements, and how to help our players excel through their athletic career. Not only can athletes benefit from our Elite program while they are playing, but it can also benefit their quality of life once they are retired. We become vested into our players health and quality of life on and off of the field. All of the Elite Programs are individualized to fit the unique needs of each player.

Eduardo Nuñez, MLB Veteran Infielder
Eduardo Nuñez, MLB Veteran Infielder
The Elite Performance Optimization & Preventative Advantage Program
Our performance optimization and preventative advantage program is suggested for players of all levels, especially professional athletes. It consists of assisting our players in staying ahead of the game by addressing stress and trauma that is caused by performing before it becomes an issue. Our individualized programs are based off of the players sport, position, level of play, goals, and history. Our exclusive techniques allow us to pinpoint areas of abnormalities in the players body by utilizing a biofeedback system. Tissue abnormalities begin to change prior to an athlete recognizing a problem or exhibiting symptoms of soreness or pain in their body. We then implement microcurrent treatments depending on the needs of our player, and combine other techniques to build stability, strength, and power. We have exclusive applications to also stimulate the Central Nervous System, increase range of motion, decrease fatigue associated with training and competition, and much more.

Cliff Floyd, former MLB player
Cliff Floyd, former MLB player &
President of the Cliff Floyd Foundation
The Elite Maintenance Program
Designed for athletes who have a history of injuries, or who have been diagnosed with a chronic condition. This program helps increase and optimize the level of performance by providing pain management to a wide range of sports related issues. We not only focus on the area of concern by applying the appropriate treatment program, but we include addressing other areas of concern, provide a goal oriented training program, evaluate biomechanics, and consult the player's nutritional program.

Cody Ross, Arizona Diamondbacks
Cody Ross, former MLB Outfielder
The Elite Rehabilitation Program
As the level of performance is rising with today's athletes, so is the number of injuries that occur each year. Athletes require thorough rehabilitation programs that incorporate a more advanced and aggressive approach to ensure a quicker recovery. Our rehabilitation program is based off of the exclusive program that was developed by Molly Wells with utilizing biofeedback modulated microcurrent treatments. We also incorporate corrective exercises, nutritional consultation, monitoring our players biomechanics throughout each stage of their recovery, strengthening techniques, and more. Our program does not stop when our player returns to play. Unlike traditional programs, we continue an individualized program to monitor and assist the player as they begin and continue their training regimen to ensure stability and increasing results.