Services Offered

The sports industry is a unique field. It has specialized needs and requirements that need to be met within the hectic schedules and limited time. We offer services throughout the country and also travel internationally. All of our equipment is able to be transported in order to accommodate the needs and requests of our clientele.
Keyvius Sampson
Keyvius Sampson, MLB Pitcher

Individualized Programs for Professional Athletes

Molly Wells develops individualized programs for every athlete that she works with to be able to meet their unique needs and goals. Each program is also developed for sport and position specific applications. These options range from preventative and optimizing performance programs, to general maintenance for athletes with chronic conditions or a history of injuries, to full rehabilitation to minimize and accelerate the recovery time for a wide range of sports related injuries. Please see the Programs Page for more details.

Player Development Consultation and Performance Training

Our team partners with specialists who have extensive training and experience in developing players, and assisting with optimizing their performance. We incorporate evaluations and programs developed by Molly Wells, world renown coaches, trainers, therapists, and recruiters to assist the athlete in reaching their greatest potential.
Kendrys Morales, Veteran MLB Player
Kendrys Morales, Veteran MLB Player

Short & Long Term Contracts

Elite Athletic Consultants offers short and long term contracts to professional organizations. Molly Wells develops individualized programs for each player of the team from performance optimization, preventative care, maintenance for chronic conditions, to full rehabilitation. Please see our Elite Program page for more details.


Molly Wells offers seminars throughout the country that focus on education for injury prevention, concussion awareness, optimizing performance, injury recovery, and how to recognize behavior change in athletes and develop a goal oriented program.

Speaking Engagements

Molly Wells is available for speaking engagements. She is involved with motivational speaking events for women in sports, youth athletes, college teams, and specialized requests. She is also available to speak to sports groups or at professional conferences about player development, injury prevention, and athletic injury rehabilitation.

David Paulino, Pitcher for the Houston Astros
David Paulino, Pitcher for the Houston Astros