An Overview of The Elite Program

Patrick Willis, former NFL linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers
Patrick Willis, former NFL Linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers
The Elite Program was developed by Molly Wells to specifically meet the unique needs of professional athletes, and professional organizations. This exclusive program utilizes advanced protocols utilizing FDA-approved technology that combines micro-current (a low level of current that the body produces naturally) with biofeedback capabilities that is backed by scientific research and data. In conjunction with this technology, she incorporates monitoring performance and training regimens, biomechanics evaluations, corrective exercises, goal oriented programs with short and long term goals to suit the mindsets of athletes, along with other cutting-edge techniques that are sport and position specific in design. Programs range from preventative maintenance to optimize performance, to general maintenance for pain management when athletes are faced with chronic conditions or who have a history of injuries, to full rehabilitation for a wide range of sports related injuries to accelerate the recovery process by 50-75%. The Elite Program offers the most advanced protocols and programs available in professional sports, making it the only one of its kind in the world.
Understanding the unique needs of professional athletes, position specific requirements, as well as what individual players need is a key aspect of keeping athletes healthy and recovering at an accelerated rate when injuries do occur. As a former athlete herself, Molly Wells understands a player's vested interest in peak performance, maintaining optimal performance, and extending the life and durability of their career. There is a rise in injuries in professional sports. As the level of performance has increased, and continues to increase, it is necessary for athletic treatment to be able to keep up with the demands of professional sports. In addition to this, as a result of her experience working with professional organizations, Molly also understands the importance of decreasing the amount of inactivity time that a team can be impacted by. The Elite Program was designed with the focus to allow athletic treatment to meet the needs of professional athletes and organizations by designing the most advanced and thorough individualized programs, incorporating exclusive protocols and techniques that are necessary for optimizing performance, maintaining a competitive edge, and recovering at accelerated rates.
Marlon Byrd, former MLB Player
Marlon Byrd, former MLB Outfielder
The Elite Program combines biomechanics evaluations and monitoring techniques, along with biofeedback interpretation and guidance. Molly Wells specializes with FDA-approved micro-current instruments (a low level of current that the body naturally produces), that are equipped with biofeedback systems. The instruments have an internal pre-programmed computer that displays digital readouts that can be interpreted to determine the health of the tissue in any given area of the body. The readings can indicate if the tissue is functioning at a healthy level of conductivity, or an abnormal (deficient or excessive) amount of energy. A pitcher (for example) can have his throwing arm monitored to determine how he is maintaining health throughout his appearances, and throughout the season. The biofeedback can focus on a region of the body, or as specific as monitoring the UCL (Ulnar Collateral Ligament). The biofeedback will also indicate how much treatment time and/or sessions the player will need in order to maintain performance, optimize performance, or decrease the recovery time following each appearance or if an injury occurs. Molly Wells is able to interpret what the biofeedback is indicating, appropriately apply the correct treatments, monitor the improvement, and then determine the proper treatment program. When an athlete remains on a consistent program, it also allows his body to sustain the stress and trauma that he endures throughout the season. The Elite Program includes biofeedback assistance for advance treatment programs that are designed for the unique needs of professional athletes, and allows Molly to individualize every session and program to the unique requirements of each player. This concept is applied to each sport, and position within that sport, which makes this the most thorough and specific program in the professional sports industry.
Damontre Moore, Defensive End San Francisco 49ers
Damontre Moore, Defensive End San Francisco 49ers