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I have to thank this equipment for putting me back in the game.

- Terry Bradshaw, former NFL Quarterback

I've never met a more determined, passionate, hardworking person in my life. Her specialty has been her life and it shows in the results. I would give my highest recommendation to Molly Wells.

- Jo'rade Jackson, Former Professional Quarterback and current Quarterback coach

Our Trainer keeps me playing without pain... I heartily endorse the use of the Acuscope and Myopulse for the inevitable sports injuries that could otherwise end a season or a career - before it's really over. After my elbow surgery I was back on the playing field in less than four weeks!

- Joe Montana, Hall of Fame, NFL Quarterback

I have supported Molly's desire to expand her professional credentials and experiences to include applying her skill set to human ailments, particularly those related to sports and athletic rehabilitation. The skills she possesses within electrical modalities have served her well in developing her work with athletes.

- Herbie Berger

Welcome to the home of Elite Athletic Consultants

Molly Wells
Molly Wells, PES, CES, BCS, FNS
Sports Performance & Recovery Specialist

Elite Athletic Consultants, owned and operated by Molly Wells, is where elite athletes and athletic organizations come to excel in all aspects of their game. We assist our players in optimizing performance, providing pain management for chronic conditions, and accelerating their recovery process when injuries occur in the sports industry.

Molly Wells

Molly Wells is a Sports Performance and Recovery Specialist. After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, she continued to expand her knowledge as she was developing the exclusive Elite Program. She has several credentials in the Sports Medicine industry specializing in performance optimization, corrective exercise, behavior change in athletes, developing goal oriented programs, fitness nutrition, and is a Certified Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapist. Molly understands the sports industry from an athlete's perspective. She was a Division 1 Collegiate Swimmer, and is currently a Professional Rodeo Athlete (Barrel Racing) with the Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA). Through her passion for sports, athletic treatment, and personal experiences as an athlete, Molly developed the only treatment and training program of it's kind for the sports industry. Her knowledge, experience, and dedication has led her to the development of the most advanced protocols and treatment programs used to specifically treat athletes, sports related injuries and conditions, and her training and performance program for the sports industry. She understands the requirements of athletes, and the need for athletic treatment to sustain the increasing level of performance. Molly Wells is currently the most qualified and requested Sports Medicine Electro-Acuscope/Myopulse Therapist in the world. She has also been named a Top Instructor in the field.

Molly believes that the best environment in this field is one where all professionals work together in order to most adequately benefit the players we work with. We partner with former and current professional athletes, world renowned physical therapists and physicians, athletic trainers, agents, professional organizations, and other specialists in the sports industry. Our goal is to enhance the sports industry by allowing our players to play to their optimal levels, recover from career threatening injuries to allow them to return to play, and extend the life of their career.

Molly Wells currently travels throughout the country and internationally working with professional athletes, professional organizations, performance training facilities, and physical therapy clinics involved in the care of elite athletes. Our team is passionate about being a positive influence and asset to the sports industry.

Elite Athletic Consultants will allow your players to prepare to play, live to play, and play hard!
Bruce "Oggie" Ogrodowski
Bruce "Oggie" Ogrodowski

Molly Wells has a special connection to baseball. Her grandfather, Bruce "Oggie" Ogrodowski, was a MLB catcher in the 1930s to 1940s who played with the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Seals. He was known as Dizzy Dean's favorite catcher, and for his love of animals. Molly received her love for sports and animals from her grandfather, making the work that she does more meaningful and sentimental in the memory of him and his legacy.

The Elite Program

The Elite Program


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